Written by Jeremy Mlazovsky

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Registry Editor PE is an Open Source  plug-in for Bart's PE Builder which allows an administrator to easily edit registry hives and user profiles for any NT-based operating system which is not currently running.

Let's say that you just installed a device driver or software, and upon reboot you discover that you cannot get Windows to load without causing a Blue Screen of Death.

You decide to go into Safe Mode to fix this, but you find that Windows blows up even when you go into Safe Mode!

Boot off of your trusty Bart's PE Builder CD-ROM, run "Registry Editor PE v1.0a", and edit the registry for your downed Windows XP system.  With some luck you can fix whatever was causing Windows to BSoD and get your copy of Windows to run again without requiring a re-install.

Starting with Registry Editor PE v0.9, Folder and File Browsing have been incorporated into this plug-in.  v0.9a  required Sherpya's PXE plug-in, but I was able to get it working with tips from McBain and with info I found from a posting by paraglider.  Thanks guys!

NEW! Registry Editor PE v1.0a released for testing May 3, 2007!

Release Notes: An extensive rewrite of the original source code. Now includes more intelligent functions for determining the location of the system drive, the Windows directory, the list of user profiles, etc. I have also taken most of the functions and migrated them to a library of functions. This will make it easier for me and others to build GUI drivers to interface with the libraries. Next goal is to release a full-blown GUI interface.


1.) Boot into Bart's PE Builder.

2.) Load "Registry Editor PE v1.0a".

3.) Once Registry Editor PE has loaded the hives and user profiles, you will then be reminded which registry hives to edit in regedit.exe.  Press "OK" once you have read this.

4.) Here is an example of the remote registry hives and user profiles that were loaded.  THESE are the registry hives that correspond to your Windows system.  Edit the keys below.

5.) When you are finished editing your registry, close regedit.exe .  Registry Editor PE will then begin the clean-up process, which involves unloading the registry hives and user profiles and writing them back to disk.


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